Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Room Service...

She said she might be quite late if she came at all, so I of course was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for the front desk to announce a visitor. Not really of course. I trolled the bar, looking for anything likely. Didn't see anything promising and found myself glancing towards the lobby often. I have to admit I had chosen my table in the bar for its view of her potential approach. Silly really. Like the Svengi (sp?) brothers waiting for their dates to come back from 'obtaining condoms from the park ranger at the Statue of Liberty...

I had even mentioned to the front desk that I was expecting a friend and that I was in the bar leaving my room number. I had zero on her. Didn't even get a name much less a number. She had no way to contact me except to show up at my hotel and call up to my room. Damn! I thought what if she calls first!

Back to the desk mentioning that they should page me in the bar if anyone calls for room 1234. Felt like an idiot. How late is late I wondered. I didn't dare scope out any of the nearby bars lest I miss her. Silly and not at all like me. She smelled really good though. Not a cologne or perfume. Something like a scented lotion or maybe a shampoo mingled with her. I wasn't positive I would recognize her with say a different hairstyle, but the scent was locked in. Funny how when it twangs that way it is indelible.

I finally gave up at 9:30 when the crowd thinned to just me and the bartender. (Not Ned, different town.) I plunked myself on the bed. I channel browsed, read the porno descriptions. Does anyone still order those in the age of the internet? I considered browsing something naughty online, but ended up settling for Telemundo. Highly under-rated channel. Great bodies, vivacious smiles, over the top expressions. Its quite entertaining. She wasn't Latina but had a Mediterranean feel to her look in the eyes. Maybe Italian, Greek, like that.

I eventually found I was drifting off, so I turned of the Spanish-speaking lovelies and turned in.  I had a vivid dream where she was furtively tap-tap-taping at my door dressed in just a trench coat and lingerie. (recurring fantasy of mine) She had just about given up when I realized someone WAS tapping on my door. The clock said 12:48. I leaped out of bed and stumbled to the door, grabbing my pants and putting them on like Sancho headed for the back door. I opened it and there she was. Dressed more or less like she was in the store, but carrying a large handbag.

Deer-in-the-headlights nervous. "Come in, Come in.." She smiled nervously and came in...

"I bet you didn't think I'd show.."

"Well I had no idea but I had hoped you would!"

She explained herself in a rush that I barely followed. I kept a smile on my face and nodded at what seemd the right moments. It seems that 'she never does this sort of thing' then amended to make it clear that she wasn't at all sure she was going to "you know.." I did indeed know.

I let her run. She was a little adrenaline fueled, explained she had stopped by to drop 'lunch' to her hubby's night-shift job. She thinks he knows she does it partly to see him partly to check up on him. He apparently needs checking up on...naughty boy. I'm not one to talk so I say nothing.

Apparently he got a little hands-y, she thinks sensing her 'feeling frisky' but of course not knowing what brought it on, then she remembered she had worn the stockings under her slacks, and was worried in their groping he'd notice...not sure she could explain it away as a surprise for him...

"Oh really? I said snapping a quick peek inside her wasitband... that earned me a slap on the wrist. Literally but figuratively too, it was a playful slap

"In a minute." she said. Minutes I could probably wait. Not much longer though.

She reached into her beach bag looking purse and pulled out a pair of black heels. Viewed from the back they would look like slightly thick stilettos, but from the side they were a little clunkier. My guess is it is her special occasion all purpose sexy heels. Kind of nice to be a special occasion, so for her I loved them.

"I had a vague idea of slipping these on, but I realized I have to get the pants off, and I am suddenly embarrassed. I can't see any graceful way to model this little outfit."

I held up a finger and led her to the bathroom. I grabbed the robe off the back of the door and handed it to her. "How about you change here...slip on the robe...come out and we'll talk a while and you'll either lose the robe, or you won't."

"Oh, you're good." she said. I was a little proud of myself.

She was in there a while...she came out smelling great still, but with a background of alcohol. Hairspray I think from the look of her freshened hair style. A little heavier on the eyeshadow. Definately longer lashes...she batted them at me. "Ok this is fun."

"Good, it should be." I said.

I flipped on the TV and of course it was on Telemundo. Some Mexican soap opera, high drama, over acting. Perfect. "You see? This here is SO not dramatic!"

She giggled and asked If I spoke Spanish. "Nope."  I said.

"Me neither" she said, but you can sort of get what they are saying.

"Think of it like pantomine."

Anyway we bantered like that a bit until she announced..."I'm ready."

"Oh?" I let her make a move. She was a skittish colt.

She moved with confidence towards the door and did a passable pirroette. She strode towards me until she was clearly in view and stopped. She undid the belt uncemermoniously and let it fall open. Black 'undershorts' withe red lacy trim came into view. She shrugged the robe to the floow and stood there, hands on hips.

She affected a runway walk towards me never flinching from eye-contact. I took it all in but held her gaze. she stopped turned, presented her really shapely backside for inspection and walked back towards the door. turning once again, she said. "I know you said you liked the purple, but I feel sexier in this."

"Oh I am by no means dissapointed..."

"I'm glad you like it." and she strolled back stopping at arms reach. I pulled her in close. She smelled even better up close and personal..lotion or maybe bodywash I think because it was so nicely noticeable on her neck under the scent of her hair.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tag you are it...

Although I do find I look for the vulnerable like any predator, sometimes its just opening your mouth and seeing what happens. Just like sales. Follow up on more leads and you'll have more contacts, more contacts means more sales pitches, you pitch more you sell more.

I was standing behind a woman at a Walgreen's where I was picking up some forgotten sundries, a package of  razors, a comb, like that. I noticed her deep purple bra was showing in the back a little as the blouse scooped a little low. The tag was sticking up out of the blouse.

I put my hand gently on her shoulder and said "excuse me." As she started to turn, I said, "Wait, hold on like that," and tucked the tag under the band of her bra.

She turned around and said, Thanks!" with a minor blush I thought.

"No problem. I figured you hadn't intended to advertise your bra size!" I said with a grin.

"Oh, did you read it?" (I had of course, 34b, she was a little thing, I always like them on the elfin size.)

"Of course not, but I will say Victoria's Secret makes some quality lingerie....."

Now she did blush deeply. Determined not to be embarrassed into the losing hand in the conversation, she recovered quickly. "Yes, I like that I can get such a wide variety of undershorts to match my bras."

I thought 'undershorts' sounded odd somehow. "So are you telling me you are wearing purple undershorts?"


"Purple panties happen to be my very favorite!" I exclaimed. "Wait, you aren't just teasing are you?'

"Well...." she drawled  "I am not just teasin' but teasin' is half the fun isn't it?"

I'm not usually at a loss for words, but I kind of got lost in reverie as I mentally stripped her down to her matchy-match bra and panty set. I added thigh high stockings and a pair of kinky heels. Yes, unlikely since she was wearing snug-fitting jeans and I could see her canvas tennis shoes, but one can dream.

I must have gotten that thousand yard stare because she waved a hand in front of my face, and said, "Hello, you still in there?"

I laughed and admitted more or less what I was visualizing. Including my embellishment of the stockings..she laughed at that. The clerk was trying to act like he wasn't paying any attention. It was her turn and he checked out her few items. I told her..."Wait! I need to get one more thing.." as she finished her payment and smiled in acknowledgment to the clerk. "I'll be just a minute," as I looked over my shoulder..she paused by the door and waited.

I hurried to the L'eggs section. (what happened to the giant Easter eggs they used to come in by the way?) I grabbed a pair of black stay-up thigh highs. I rushed to the counter and paid for my stuff.

In the light of the overhang, I handed her the stockings. "Here." You were wearing these in my imagination.

She busted out laughing. "You have SOME imagination!"

"Oh, you have no idea." I said..."Not sure how they would look with tennis shoes, but you interrupted me before I got around to imagining the shoes!" (A patent lie as I had clearly seen purple stiletto pumps in the same shade as the bra.)

She said, well I have an idea...and led me over to her car. Taurus or Sable I think. She opened the trunk having me hold her purchases. She rustled through the trunk and came up with a pair of heeled sandals in gold.

"Oh, that image is going to keep me company in my lonely hotel room tonight!"

"Just the image?" she flirted.."You weren't going to ask me to model the stockings?"

Wow...this was going better than expected..better than ever for an off-handed lay-up..

She got my information, hotel, room, etc...."It will be pretty that OK?"

I told her I'll be pleased to see her when ever.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Abusing his wife, but not his trust.....

...SO I asked her if he is turned on by the idea of her submitting in a masochistic way. Kathy says Larry likes watching some of her favorite S&M clips, but isn;t sure if he could handle her crying out like that. "What about after the fact?"

"I think it would be a huge turn on to know I got off in such a kinky way, he just can;t handle it in the moment."

"So we shouldn;t put him on speaker and let him listen in? I said with an evil grin...

"Oh, GOD, no!"  she said in mock horror. Then with a sly grin.."That would really get me going though. If I was sure he could handle it, I SO would!"

I put an arm around her middle and posed her, rump in the air, face planted against the mattress since her hands were unavailable to support her since they were tightly bound. I decided maybe too tightly and fiddled with them a bit to make them tight enough, but not tournequtette tight. The delay gave her time to think about it. I grabbed my pants off the floor and moving into her line of sight I slidd my belt out of the loops.

"Oh, god...she said in a tiny voice.....I'm not sure I can handle a belt....."

"Of course you can!" I announced cheerfully. "Its all a matter of working up to it....but I wasn't planning on using it for that.." I put it around her waist and buckled it in the back. No particular reason I was improvising. I ran a second tie around the one her wrists were tied together with and then used it to fasten to the belt. It didn't really affect her range of movement but I wanted her thinking about some elaborate bondage scene. I grabbed my third and last necktie and tied it fist to an ankle then bending her leg up I tied it to the belt. I looked around and decided I could improvise with her bra. I made a loop by slipping the little metal clasp through a bra strap and cinched it on an ankle. I awkwardly attached it to the belt as well.

I know it sounds rather unnecessarily complicated, and it was. But it had her quivering in anticipation.

"Comfy?" I asked

"Not at all," she replyed with a grin that faded fast when I brought a hand down hard on the nicest little apple shaped rear end you ever saw. I could see my handprint so you know it stung....

"GOD!" she said, and her face shone...

I responded with some much lesser swats...little warm-up-her-ass pats....getting progressively harder.

"So Larry doesn't get a hard-on spanking your sweet little ass? What a shame!"

I gave her a couple of swats in unexpected places, just 'missing' the apparent targets...a swat on her bare leg got me a squeal of pain, and a 'missed' swat that hit the unpadded lower back gave off a groan....

"It get's me hard, " I announced matter-of-factly as I tipped her over from her awkward pose and grabbed a handful of hair. Guiding her face to my crotch I said, "See what you did?" Shee couldn;t answer my query though with more than a muffled gurgle as I pushed her trully pretty face up and down on my shaft...carefull not to go too deep but definately face-fucking her helpless form.

I used to feel a little perverted liking the rough stuff until I realized there are little sluts who like it even more than I do. "You don't mind if I call you a slut, do you Kathy?" She had that glazed look on her face that a pain slut once described to me as 'being in her sub space'. It looked good on her. She nodded. "I prefer you articulate that, Kathy."

Puzzled look.

"Say it for me, I'm your little slut tonight."

"Oh yes," she said quickly and with great enthusiasm. "I am YOUR little slut tonight." her added emphasis made it just powerfully real.

"Is there anything I can't do to you, anything you won't do for me?"

"Nothing." she breathed.

"I think I'm ready to fuck you again.." I announced conversationaly as I awkwardly got her up on a couple of knees ans her face forming the three points of a plane. Her ass was a little low to comfortably fuck her standing, and I wished for an adjustable bed...someone should make those...adjust-a-height beds TM Fernando 2010.

I was able to lower my cock by widening my stance and gripping the belt I half picked her up and basically pushed her onto my cock..."What a nice, juicy cunt you have."

I was testing the language..I saw her wince a little at that..."Does that bother you? me calling that preciously tasty pussy of yours a cunt?"

"No I liked it and felt bad a little for liking it.."

"Well then I'll leave it out of the Thank You card. You know, Dear Larry, Thanks for the use of your wife's tight little cunt."

She laughed at that.

"Use it in a sentence." I encouraged.

"You are fucking.." pause as I slammed it home " cunt..." another thrust " good!" 

I knew I wasn't going to last very long...I made my best attempt at a pretty athletic pace...thrusting it home hard and deep each time...fucking seems such a relevant word when it is animalistic like this. My goal was her obvious discomfort when she got home, and I was bound and determined to do so if I had to resort for fingers. I backed off a little and pulled out for a moment to let little fernando catch his breath.

I pressed a thumb to her little pink rose-bud and told her what a fuckable ass she has. "Do you let Larry fuck your pretty little ass?"

"Sometimes." she said kind of shyly

"When he's been a very good boy?"

"No when I'm feeling like a very bad girl.." As I worked a thumb in she had responded by bearing down and I had it buried in her and curved up like a hook...I lifted her up a little by her ass..."Are you gonna....?" she wondered.

"No, I think We'll leave something for Larry to fuck in case the rest of you is too sore.." I teased. I undid the belt and removed the ties...she worked her wrists and fingers around a little getting circulation....

I pushed her to her knees before the bed and sat...guiding her head by a handfull of hair again, I 'forced' her up and down a couple of times..."Your face is very fuck-able too, Kathy." I opinioned. "You know what I like best about head?"

She just kind of waited for the response. "I always thought of a cock as kind of dirty, and seeing it violating a delicate woman's face is kind of wrong in a way that really gets me going. The face of a really pretty girl like you on my cock really gets me going."

I started 'forcing' her onto my cock some more. she was both active in the sense of swirling and licking and suckling on the way, and passive in letting me control the pace and depth. I was basically masturbating using her face. It was very very erotic in a control sort of way. I tested her limits and found I could get it to the back of her throat if I timed it right and was quick. Too long and she gagged a bit. I liked that and was a little ashamed at the perverse thrill of making this pretty little wife gag on my cock. Not ashamed enough to stop. I started tring to make her gag a little. I just about lost it when I saw her bravely staying with it with tears starting from the corners of her eyes. That was amazingly hot. I threw her to the bed, spread those beautiful legs on either side of my shoulders and fucked her to a furious (and fairly quick) cresendo. This was orgasm two for me. As I was enjoying her enjoyment of being my little fuck-toy for the night I hadn;t really considered hers. I was aware of spasms and arches and crys at times so I could tell she had several, but I wasn;t counting or really trying for her pleasure as I normally would. Men are great scorekeepers. This time I was selfish and that seemd to be just what she wanted.

In between sessions when I was too spent to have a prayer of fucking her, I did indeed finger-fuck her. There's this technique  I read about some time ago and have tried to good results with several women. It is supposed to be squirt-inducing, which seems to vary by the girl, but basically you hook a couple of fingers into their pussy and up into their g-spot then grabbing that wrist with your other hand you violently pull up and release repeatedly...she was wet enough its hard to tell where it was all coming from but she squealed and bucked and came hard repeatedly from that. She actually grabbed a corner of the pillow and bit down in it and gave the most exciting muffled screams.

In the morning I hogged the bathroom a bit while she scarfed down some breakfast. (I had 'made' her let in room service wearing nothing but my shirt as I hid out in the bathroom shaving.) She needed to 'fix herself up' she said but I told her she looked beautiful as she was and told her we haven't time for fresh make-up. I cleaned her face bare of her smudged remnants with a warm washcloth and then bent her over the bathroom counter and fucked her in front of the mirror. I drove her home before my morning meeting with nothing but a rosy glow on her cheeks (both sets) and a just-fucked smile on her lips.

I think you guys are ready.... how I closed the deal with Larry. After they twirled around the floor for a song, she brought him back to the table, clearly the one leading him. He wasn't THAT bad a dancer. Helps that Kathy is extremely light on her feet, literally light as well. I separated them again suggesting to Kathy.."Why don;t you make a quick trip to the ladies room before we head out." She looked at me a long look, took in the meaning and gave hubby a squeeze and a peck on the cheek and skipped out.

Larry drew up full height in his chair and started to ask questions. He said that he wasn;t sure how this would proceed but he kind of figured that it would be more of a three-some situation that could evolve into a dating situation. I explained that she is going to be looking over her shoulder too much and wondering how he is taking it to really let loose and have a truly uninhibited time. He thought that made sense. I told him I'm not particularly shy and would welcome a more active role for him, but for getting-to-know-you I thought in their case one on one might be best.

I asked what he would need to feel comfortable, does he want her to check in at a certain time? Pick her up? Me drop her off? He mentioned she is quite the cuddler and it would be more "storybook" (his term I liked it!) for her if she could spend the night. Score...I could hardly believe my good fortune. It was only like 9:30 by this point I had that pretty little blond cheerleader to myself for all night? wow.

I shook his hand our business concluded. What a trade his wife for, well nothing on my part. It's good to be in the role of a bull!

I lurked near the bathrooms and caught Kathy as she poked her head out. I pulled her into a little alcove where the phones are and pressed her tiny body against me and gave her a deep getting-to-know you kiss.

She giggled about it being weird making out with another man with her husband in the next room. "Oh, I sent him on home." I said.  Long look, and a shy smile.

"Shall we go?" I said holding out my arm. She slipped her small soft hand around my elbow and I led her to the big rental Lincoln. She laughed when we drove out of the parking lot and went across the street and pulled around the back of the Raddison. "I just wanted to show off the car." Another giggle. "Its a rental." big laugh...I could listen to that all night.

In the back door with my key card, then up to the lobby elevators. I could have gone the other way, but I sort of wanted to show off my prize to the desk clerk (as if he or she would notice or care.) It was a she and she didn't even look up. As we waited on the elevator though a man had come out of the bar, given her a discreet once-over and was with us in the elevator till he got off on the third floor.

SHe asked me what I thought he would think. Would he have assumed she was my wife?  I told her he probably figured her for a very expensive call-girl. That elicited peals of laughter and released the tension that I had snensed.

Into 'our' room and I had her mostly disrobed before I plopped her on the bed. No preamble, no shy fumbling. I wanted to take her and she couldn't wait to be 'had'. Kissing and fondling that taut smooth flesh. She is a little younger than I but at that age when women start to wonder about youth slipping away. She was in remarkable shape. Clothed she looked the part of the well-exercised well groomed, well-dressed wife. Naked she looked barely twenty. Barely a jiggle, smooth supple. she shivered and writhed to gentle touches as I marveled at my good fortune. Goosebumps trailed in the wake of my fingertips.

At some point she pointed out the relative disparity in our clothed / unclothed state. She naked and I had merely had a couple of buttons undone on my shirt. I started unbuttoning my shirt and she dropped to the floor and attached my belt and zipper...she with surprising ferocity unleashed my member and hungrily attacked it with expert abandon. She was all lips and warm wet mouth and tongue and hands. Her little hands were busy. She acted as if there was a prize for efficient fellatio. I was sure she was going to cause it to go off, and worried a little about that. I had all night and was quite sure I could rise to the occasion again, but I wanted to make a good studly impression.

 I pulled her up to her feet and kissed those eager lips of hers as I struggled out of the waddling mess of pants and briefs. Free of them at last I reached down and got rid of the socks. Naked men look silly in my opinion. Naked men in socks are worse.

I trailed my kisses down her flat belly, lingered on a jutting hipbone and delved and lapped into one of the sweetest little pussies I think I have ever tasted. Or so it seemed at the time. At first it was smooth and firm and closed to my explorations but as I teased and lapped and gently fingered its petals opened and she was clearly very very wet. Ever noticed how the more moisture they produce the more subtle the fragrance? It was really responsive to my touch and tickle...little nibbles here and there. I'd hit 'just that spot' and she'd arch up off the bed. Sometimes she'd almost leap away...I couldn't wait to feel that snug around my cock. So I didn't!

I was just getting my cock into position after awkwardly getting the condom out and getting it rolled down. I held myself up off the bed above her and I swear it felt like she reached out and drew me in. I just found the entrance and in. I was sheathed to my full impressive gargantuan proportions in one smooth delicious stroke. All 7ish inches. On the other hand this girl had me pretty engorged, Might've been 7.5.

I stroked and pounded and slapped into her with abandon. Her knees came up, her legs spread impossibly wide. Eventually I had her by the ankles pulling her legs apart like a wishbone. I FELT studly. I felt like I was fucking her in half. I felt powerful. I felt I was going to come. So I did. One of those throbbing orgasms where you feel a pulse, then another and then it feels like you are draining the last drop of cum you are going to make for like a week.

I have no idea how long I lasted, but it did';t feel like I set any records. My male ego became fragile at that moment, wanting some sort of reassurance, some comparison..."Your cock is so HUGE!" or "Wow, Larry never fucks me with such vigor!"

I knew from past experience that this is the moment they have self doubts themselves about doing this even with hubby's encouragement. SO I just said something to the effect that "Larry is a very blessed man" or some such. She smiled contently and said "We both are. we are really good together."

So, I wondered, and asked...."So, what inspired you and Larry to seek a little recreation for you?"

She bit her lip, became pensive and explained. "Larry is a big guy and sometimes he acts like he might break me."

"Big like...?" (I had to ask...I know I know...don't ask a question you don;t already have an idea of the answer...)

She snuggled into me..."No, silly not like fact you are probably a little bigger that way...." (she DOES have experience with the fragile male ego it would seem..) This earned her a pat on her cute but wise blond head.

She went on to explain that he worries about squashing her when he is on top. She likes it on top (I can't wait for the sight of her bouncing above me..maybe wielding pom-poms. shouting a cheer....oops lost in reverie...) but doesnt mind being pinned and helpless. She says she loves it doggie style but she can't get him to really pound it into her. "And the spanking."

"What about that?" I asked..."You do have a pretty spankable ass." I added helpfully.

"He thinks so to, and he'll do it playfully but he never really puts his arm into it, even when I tell him that harder is OK. He knows I like it and want more but he just can't."

"Oh, you SO should not have told me that......" I said in my best ominous tone....

"Why is that?" she said as I went over to the open closet area and selected a cheaper neck-tie.

"Because you have just found yourself in the lair of a closet Sadist!" I said. She giggled as I directed her to turn over and wrenched her wrists together and bound them tight.

"That's really tight!" she said.

I let out the very same maniacal laughter as I am right now as I leave you hanging for the next installment of my exploration of Kathy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Prying Kathy from Larry...

Contrary to stereotype, Larry the prospective cuckold was far from wimpy and definitely the assertive one in the couple. "Their" ad read in what I presume is his voice and I doubt the gorgeous and seemingly shy Kathy had much to do with writing it. This was my impression prior to meeting them and such dynamics do not normally bode well for the prospects of the 'Bull'. Still, I was intrigued by the implication that they were venturing out for the first time. It didn't read as a swinger ad offering to swap partners or as a couple reaching out for a third. I don't remember how it was phrased but it was in the vein of looking for someone to bring out her wild side. That I can do.

I contacted them. The response was in "We" and "Us" but again I didn't sense the flavor of her participation. There is a LOT of that in MW4M ads. Most are transparently masturbatory fantasies. Guys that want to hear what you would do with or more likely to their wives, but not at all sure how this assignation would occur. Normally I wouldn't bother but for a couple of details he included that sounded as if he had at least discussed it with her. He said that she was flexible in her requirements about the guy and just wanted to insure a fun, safe, clean experience. Mentioning that condoms are a must should go without saying, but the fact that they had taken those sorts of things into account suggested intent to follow through. Or at least that was what I was pinning my hopes on.

I sent them a picture and as always was careful to not exaggerate my biometrics. I am sure if I had told them I am 6'4" and a former linebacker it might fuel some fantasies, but its important you measure up to expectations. They are one of those Mutt and Jeff couples where in the picture (faces obscured) they posted, she is dwarfed by him. Not sure if she was that tiny or whether he was NBA material. The picture they sent in response to mine was just her. The shy expression on her face told me she had an idea of what the picture was being taken for. She was wearing something sheer but not too revealing but her expression said she felt naked. Her face was heart-stopping. The fact that they sent an un-obscured picture in response to mine is always a good sign.

I was a little nervous myself as I waited in the arranged hotel-bar. I had found a quiet corner and was nursing a soda as I waited. I had purposefully given the hotel across the street as my residence. Not really for any worry I had about them, just a habit of discretion. Besides I was tired of my own lounge singer and opted for the juke-a-billy bar there.

They were easy to spot as they were punctual and the height differential. I should have been easy to spot too as I was the only singleton in the nearly deserted bar. I counted only three couples and two groups of men. Come to think of it the well dressed grouping of two men could have been a fourth couple. Neither of them seemed to notice Kathy's entrance. And it was epic.

As they came in out of the cold of late autumn, she began methodically unbuttoning her full length camel hair top coat. Every (hetero) guy in the room was hoping for a merry-widow and stockings beneath. Alas, she was wearing a silk, curve-hugging blouse in a shade of brilliant blue that made her eyes pop. Those eyes found me as she scanned, and she favored me with one of those smiles that you know you could never earn.

Larry took her coat and hung it distractedly as he made his second sweep of the bar. He shrugged off his own coat and added it to the wall. He had to be over six feet and she barely cleared five. She stood at his side expectantly, then realized he hadn't spotted me. She waved to me and took Larry in hand and led him over.

"Hi, I'm Kathy," she bubbled. Good sign that she initiated. "And I'm Larry," he added looking down at  me with a wry smile on his face. Apparently he thought 5' 8" was code for someone large enough to kick his ass. (I'm not.) Cutting him off at the pass...I delivered my canned line, "But I have a really HUGE.....(wait for it) ego!"

That got a laugh and a shrug out of him. "Yeah, It's not like Kath is an Amazon!"

I sat them down and good service arrived promptly, courtesy of a previous $5 tip on a complimentary soda. The attractive waitress soon forgot my largess though as she deferred to Larry. On the other hand, Kathy was on my side of the booth and we made a cute couple. Interesting thing about people and height and the perception of command and competency. I usually hire tall salesmen myself given the choice so I don't feel offended when I am overlooked.

Larry let her daiquiri and his whiskey sour have a few minutes to do their business before he got down to the "interview." This stage is typical in my experience, but Larry was a bitsure of himself being firmly in charge. On the one hand I don't mind showing deference if it gets me the loan of his wife, but on the other hand, he was out of his element and had no idea he was.

For example, He asked if I had much experience with this sort of thing. I tried to avert the question a bit by mentioning, "Well there was Susie in the tree-house when I was 14....."  He laughed but pursued, wanting stats and numbers. He didn't come right out and ask for how many wives I had been involved with, but that's what he was wanting to know. I pointed out that I could show him my little black book but that it would be slightly indiscreet. Whether by intuition, prearranged signal, discomfort, or a nervous bladder, Kathy excused herself just in time.

I got down to Larry politely but firmly in a way I would never have been able to with her at the table. His pride would not have allowed me to control the close. It would have been a soft sell and by the time that went anywhere it would have been too late to really do much of anything.

"Larry," I began...(we salesmen love to use your name..I hate it myself because I know the trick but it works on me too.) "We need to be careful to make this fun and light for Kathy. Whether or not she expresses any interest in me personally, lets get her used to the idea that its completely OK for a strange man to chat her up in the presence of her husband. I assume that was why you agreed to meet, not necessarily my handsome good looks but rather I looked approachable, trustworthy, right?"

He admitted that Kathy had picked me out after he had sifted out the truly obnoxiously offensive propositions.

"Here's the thing...I am not assuming that I am bedding her tonight or in fact ever. I know enough not to push but to lead and she'll follow along or not depending on her attraction. She seems relatively eager if a little understandably nervous. I'm not telling you to get lost, but give me a little space and I'll at least be able to give you some ideas on the next step if this doesn't work out. OK?"

With his assent we settled into guy talk, what-do-ya-do?, who-do-ya-know, what-do-ya-fish-for..that sort of thing. I caught Kathy peeking back in to see how we were getting on, I let her get away clean. She came in with that radiant smile again and sat down again. I placed my hand on her tiny one and looked into those blue pools...(I know I am waxing sappy, but she really was a muse for poets. Damn shame I ain't one..)

"Larry tells me you dance like an angel..."

"You lie, he said no such thing, since he would have no idea if I do or not!"

"That's true," he admitted, "I have the grace of someone that grew 8 inches in a year and a half."

"Well this has to be investigated," I said without asking either permission dragged her nearly skipping along beside me to the jukebox. Its one of those ones that teases with low volume random play until someone actually pays for a tune. I tried several ones that apparently weren't crisp enough. She smoothed and folded and had an adorable habit of showing the tip of her tongue at the corner of her mouth as she concentrated. I finally gave up and tried a five. It liked that.

I asked her what she wanted to dance to. She consulted the corner of her mouth with her tongue as we flipped the pages. I slipped a wrist around her tiny waist. She started a bit at the contact, then recovered and  actually snuggled into me a bit.

"Kind of fun like a first date?"

"Not like any first date I have ever been on!!"

"Well, there is the husband/chaperon to consider..." That earned a laugh.

"Shall we ditch him?" I asked later as we twirled to a fifties ballad. She seemed to consider it a moment and shook her head. "Not just yet." hmmm better response than I thought.

"I better let you two talk a bit...have him hug you and move the lummox around in a circle." I led her back to his table after that song knowing another slow song was coming. I had planned it that way as we selected songs, punching in the slow songs after a couple of icebreakers.

"Back safe and sound," I said putting her hand in his. She took my suggestion and drug him out on the floor.

Will our hero get lucky?  Tune in next time....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Twins

Not the team. And not actually even sisters for that matter. When I came in last night Ned sent them over to me after I retired to 'my' booth in ignominy, having realized how unlikely it was that Mrs. Atticus would be there waiting.

The were relatively young, I'd say late twenties. Blond, the same shade of Miss Clarol I'd guess. I was guessing Heather and Ashley. That wasn't their names but a reasonable guess. They were cute but in a unattainably flirtatious way. Well surely not completely unattainable, but I didn't see it going anywhere with me.

Ned, The bartender, I am sure had visions of a table-top three-way.

"Ned said we should meet you."

"Have a seat.." I offered, indicating the opposite side. Heather As I thought of her did so, but Ashley, the more flirtatious of the two hip-bumped me over and sat to my left.

"So why does Ned say we should meet you?"  Asked Heather apparently intrigued, but it sounded like an interview question.

I was kind of wondering that myself, last night's 'success' notwithstanding. I glanced his way and was pleased he wasn't leering expectantly my direction. Ned might well be useful.

A better question was why they would have been open to the nudge my way. I was not getting a 'professional' vibe from them but I also didn't get a wild party girl feel from them either. That's as far as I can tell the only two types that seem to require and steering. The rest seem content to sit and look pretty and let mature take its course. Most women get at least approached cautiously by just entering a bar. I steer clear of the former because I lack the imagination to think the professional wants to be with me for anything but the money, and the party girl I avoid both for appearances' sake as well as the fact that they seem to think that a man in my profession has a trunk full of controlled substances.

"What exactly did my new friend Ned tell you girls?"

"Just that you were visiting from out of town and could use some company."

"Why? Are you girls the local welcoming committee?" That got me a couple of giggles and my arm slugged by Ashley.

"No, silly" she said, "We were complaining that we keep getting hit on by young jerks that think we are easy and came in here hoping to meet some guys that are a little more mature."

"Let me see, so Ned thought you were hard-to-get and sent you my way, or you said mature and he thought of me because of my advanced age and advancing hairline? Remind me to thank him. perhaps I have been tipping too well."

"I didn't say we play hard to get!" pouted Ashley.

"That is encouraging." I said slipping an arm around her. "So, come here often?"

"No, we thought we would try some-place less popular." Heather explained. "The trendy spots are all the same and loud."

"It is possible to have a conversation here" I agreed, thinking that we weren't really having one yet. I couldn't figure out these two. Possibly the age gap. Possibly the fact that they were out of their element and I was out of my depth. I thought at that moment of that country song about not being as good as I once was but as good once as I ever was. In it the protagonist meets twin sisters who offer to take the cowboy on a ride. That made me think twins and three-ways and well, my imagination reeled a little.

I wasn't except in my fertile imagination getting the impression that they were a package deal but one can dream. The concept of a wing-man was invented for just such a situation. You have two attractive blonds, and need to divide and conquer. I didn't see a likely fill-in for the role in the bar. Ned wasn't out of the range of possibilities but it was way to early in the evening to valet park one with him for when he gets off shift several hours from now.

I just couldn't see this going anywhere. I got a little friendly with Ashley, nuzzling her neck a bit as I whispered in her ear, "How far do we need to get Heather a little jealous?"

She thought that was hilarious and laughed out loud but played along, whispering "She probably thinks we are saying filthy things to each other."

"Surely, you aren't that kind of girl?" I asked, breaking a cardinal rule. never ask a question you don;t either already know the answer to or at least where the unknown doesn't matter.

"No, not really." she said...hmmmm. not encouraging. She was supposed to say something suggestive.

I beckoned Heather over and whispered in her ear..."Ashley is helping my reputation with Ned the bartender by pretending I am getting somewhere with her." This earned me a giggle and a snuggle out of Heather.

I pushed Ashley out of the booth briefly and went over to the bar to get us replacement drinks thinking maybe a couple or more drinks might make reality measure up to my imaginative solution to the which one to take up to my room dilemma. (Both!) Ned was interested in an update on how I was doing. Not likely was my report. But I went back in swinging.

I bought drinks they got a little loose with their tongues but not their morals. Heather was self-described as historically a "good girl' who apparently broke up with a boyfriend recently and was encouraged to seek out some "older men' by Ashley who reports favorable experiences with same.

I bit on that. "I'm older men..."

"Well not that old..." giggled Heather.

Wasn't sure how she meant that, as in I'm far to young for her dirty old uncle fantasies, or that she wasn't interested in someone 'that old'. I was sure my ego wasn't pliable enough to find out.

So the night more or less went like that. I learned a bit about them, them me, didn't go anywhere and likely wouldn't have. They had the idea of meeting some 'older man' maybe a business traveler. Me on both counts. But the reality of that just wasn't something that matched their mental image. They had the idea of a pair suave wealthy travelers with full heads of hair styled in a $400 hair-cuts whisking them off to Paris or something. My expense account is pretty liberal given the more restrictive modern tax code, but it doesn't include flying companions to Paris.

Several drinks in, we did play the "Have you ever, would you ever?" speculation about their sexual experiences, mores and aspirations. I found as I suspected they were pretty tame and not at all inclined to share the wealth of my benevelant tumescence in my hotel room. I retired to my room alone.

I wouldn't even mention this little experience except for where it crosses with Ned the bartender except to show you just have to keep trying till something turns up. Its all fun, really just seeing who is out there and what it is they are looking for. It only 'works' when reality somewhat matches up to at least a version of everyone's fantasy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

She is going to haunt my dreams....

You know I really enjoyed Mrs. Atticus last night exactly as it occurred. I didn't feel like I was shortchanged by it not "having" her in the classical sense. It was exactly what I wanted in the moment. The little thrill of sneaky pseudo-exhibitionism. A stolen moment. All that.

I expected nor asked for any follow-up. Indeed I left myself no avenue to recontact her or even the prospect that she might look me up. It was truly anonymous.

I was sated in what must seem a paradox, since she had limited contact with me, but I had intimate contact with her. She got off, I didn't in the physical sense, but in the mental sense it was orgasmic.

It isn't the only time I have truly enjoyed relatively tame experiences, sexually speaking. In some cases it is all that was offered or available, sometimes I set it up so that a make-out session was the only probable outcome. I am funny that way but probably not completely unique. Seduction is not the prelude, but rather the point for a lot of people I suspect. Biology carries us through, but the drive is the hunt, the tantalizing lure of drawing someone within one's grasp.

So I came back to the bar in a juvenile hope that she too, was hungering for a bit more, or a bit more of the same. Naturally she was not there. Why would she? I decided not to make a fool of myself and freak her out by tracking her down through the convention her husband was at. It would be creepy and cheapen the memory.

But I long for her non-the-less.

As a teenager I was happy to indulge when the fruit hung low, but some of the loftier visions of beauty I had not the nerve nor the chance to sample kept me awake nights. I was the buddy a few times too often and think I actually liked the unrequited love. Not sure that is past tense for me. Else why chase the unavailable and the unattainable?

Back here on earth my thoughts turn to Ned's huge smile when I walked in. "You DA man!" he said hand in air for a high five. "That was amazing, dude, How on earth did you get her to...?"

I smiled a sheepish smile at the thought. I was pleased with myself, and did know how I had put English on the ball. (I suck at pool but love the metaphors.) I modestly told him with a shrug. "You can't get a woman to do anything she didn't already decide she was going to."

"How did you know what she was going to?"

"I didn't, I just provide the opportunity."

I wasn't lying to him, it is sort of like that I think. A lot of it is the ability to read body English. All the non-verbal cues that we all give off some consciously, most sub-rosa. It also is a gentle touch with your own cues. I don't know if the specific cues used in "The Horse Whisperer" really do work with horses, but it makes sense, and we aren't that far removed from them I think. And no, I am not implying I am hung like a stallion.

My new best friend Ned sent me over a couple of girls..don't know if he was just being helpful or wanted to test my touch or what..That's another post I think.